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Israeli soldiers break the silence

Translator: Cathrine Løvaas.
Breaking the silence is an organization consisting of Israeli soldiers and veterans who can not bear to be silent about the injustices they were set to take part in the Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem. The Israeli government and Mossad do what they can to let this group of soldiers have less attention, and has on several occasions imprisoned members of the organization.

The organization aim to make the Israeli people understand the chaos they have caused, and want them to realize how bad the Palestinians are treated. This group of Israeli soldiers also distance them selves from the terror by the looting and destruction of homes they have exposed the civilian Palestinians to. The stories the soldiers and veterans tell are various, here`s a few of them:

  • An intelligence officer told us during an exercise to give him Palestinian kneecaps. When we asked what he meant by this, he replied that we were going to shoot stone-throwers in the kneecaps. Afterwards we had to make an ambush, and the officer shot the stone throwers kneecaps, while we watched. Many of us were upset. (Attached link leads to a video where a former Israeli soldier recounts.)
  • One night we shot around us like savages, smashed windows, destroyed street lighting, stormed into private homes where people were sleeping, tore up the tires and went completely amock without any reason. When the brigade commander came in the next morning, he asked no questions.
  • A commander invent a game to make things more entertaining at a checkpoint:

Israel still holds the shepherd boy David sacret. David had to win over the Philistine giant Goliath from Gath, with a stonesling. If one were writing the story today, the armor, sword, spear and javelin of Goliat would have been replaced with bombers, carcinogenic DIME-bombs and Hellfire missiles. David would unfortunately not have had a chance, but then it`s not men who know the difference between right and wrong that governs Israel today.

Beeing read in 70 different countries

Using Google Analytics, I found this blog that I write in collaboration with Bergensavisen beeing read in 70 different countries.To show respect to all those who are not Norwegian speakers, I will from now on publish some posts in both Norwegian and English.

Translational work will be done by Cathrine Løvaas, who is an accomplished blogger at a slightly different arena than my self. She fortunately think that it is a good idea to translate some of what I publish too. Cathrine lived in the UK for several years and speaks fluent English.
The blog has most of its readers in Norway. Abroad, in the following countries:

7.The Netherlands

Beside these countries, there are readers in Poland, Finland, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Lithuania, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Kenya, Latvia, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile, Croatia, Cambodia, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Dominica, Estonia, Georgia , Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ireland, Iran, Jersey, South Korea, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian areas, Senegal, Tunisia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Uganda and a few countries Google Analytics can not track.

It will mainly be blog posts about international relations that will be translated.